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This is where you can make a change to your University experience

Get your voice heard - submit an idea for change and get other students to support you. If enough students support your idea, you can trigger a referendum to:

  • Change BSU policy

  • Appeal a decision made at Executive Committee

  • Call a vote of no confidence in an elected officer or trustee

  • Challenge BSU's affiliation to NUS or other bodies.


How it works

  1. Submit your idea for change
  2. We'll check it over for you and publish it
  3. Encourage other students to support your idea - you'll need to collect 500 votes in 13 days 
  4. Wait 24 hours and we'll publish the result
  5. Successful? We'll hold a referendum
  6. Unsuccessful? You could try again next academic year!

You need a 500 or more votes for us to call a referendum. Make sure you get out there and tell other students your idea!

Ideas can be subitted at any time. Make sure you include a full of copy of your idea and why you think it should change - give other students as much detail as possible. 

Remember to check to see if another student has already submitted a similar idea. If they have, you can vote and get involved in their campaign. Only two similar ideas can be submitted in an academic year. 


Hints & Tips

  • Write a plan and set yourself goals

  • Research your chosen idea so you can answer all students' questions

  • Get the word out to other students - use your social channels, posters, host talks

  • Target students that could benefit from your idea - sports clubs, societies, reps, particular academic schools... Who will support you? 

  • Submit your idea during term-time when campus is likely to be busy

  • Remember to have fun! Get creative and work with other students - good luck!