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Understanding Brighton students' experience is key to what we do at Brighton Students' Union. We help make your voices heard to the University, local community and on a national level.

To do this, we regularly carry out research to understand how you are doing at Brighton and what you need to make your experience here even better.

There are lots of different ways you can share your experiences with us:

BSU Student Survey

Our main student survey is sent out each month to a group of you - across the year, every Brighton student will receive the survey once. Remember to keep an eye out for the survey in your inbox. Great prizes each month for taking part, and you get the chance to make life better for Brighton students.

Do you have feedback you'd like to share about Brighton Students' Union or your life here at Brighton? Are there any changes you'd like to see on campus? Share your ideas with us now


STUDENT OPINION: Your most recent feedback and what we're doing about it  [BUTTON OR SIMILAR]