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What is a campaign?

A campaign is an organised course of action to achieve a goal or change - if there is something you'd like to see happen, here at Brighton or in society, we can help you. 

Campaigns are run by lots of different students. Some the full-time officers focus on, others are run by students just like you.

If you care about an issue and want to make a change, get in touch


This year's full-time officers are focusing on three main campaigns:

1) Cost of LivingAre you worried about your finances?

Is a lack of money stopping you get the most from your University experience? 

This year we're working to tackle rising accommodation costs and improve    your access to travel and transport. We also want to help reduce hidden course costs and ensure you get access to the support you need. 

Tell us what costs you're most worried about and we'll try to help. 

Find out more about officers progress and get involved.


2) Improving your academic experience - focusing on the quality of your education

Are you confident in getting a job once you graduate?

This year we'll working hard to ensure your voice is heard across the University. We'll be focused on improving lecture capture and assessment/ feedback. We also want to help address issues with timetabling.

Do you want to see changes made to your course?  Talk to your Course Rep or Education Officer

Find out more about officers progress and get involved.


3) You're part of the University of Brighton - but do you feel it?

We want to make your experience here even better. Engaging fully in University life can improve your mental health and help to succeed academically. This year we'll be working on making it easier to join societies and organising more events for you on campus. We'll also be helping make campus more accessible. 

What would improve your university experience? Tell us your ideas.

Find out more about officers progress and get involved. [URL]